Quantum is building an institution, not just launching funds

Our Principles for Investing

  • Investors assume increased risk when investing in India – Quantum is there to analyze, control and monitor that risk, not increase it

  • Quantum aims to consistently make money for its clients over longer time horizons without taking undue risks

  • We invest using principles – Value, Integrity, Transparency​

  • The success of any enterprise rests on the character and values of the people who start it and is sustained by transferring those values effectively​

  • Quantum is an asset manager and not an asset gatherer

"Institutional investors are finally talking about the triple P - the Planet, the People and Profit"

As an investment firm, our mandate is to invest the capital of our clients for sensible long term returns without taking undue risks. It has been over 25 years since Quantum Advisors and its founders included a "governance" factor when investing in companies. This is the "G" in "ESG". We call this the Integrity Screen.

In 2015, we started to focus on the other two factors (Environment and Social) and have built a proprietary framework on evaluating Indian companies on various ESG criteria.

Integrity Screen : Shake hands but count how many fingers you get back

In 1996, stung by experience, we initiated what we called the ‘Integrity Screen’ as a filter for our investments. A conscious decision to avoid investing in companies with suspect corporate governance. No matter how large they were. No matter how much weight they had in the index. No matter how much important they were.

We called it “shake the hands and count your fingers back” – a test of treatment of minority shareholders.

If they did not pass this test, we will avoid investing in those names.

The integrity screen is what we believe is called the ‘G’ – Governance in “ESG”.

 Company shareholder meeting

Our Engagements in Indian Corporate Governance

“Corporate governance has been an integral part of our investment management process since 1996. As an actively engaged shareholder, here are some notable examples of our experiences with management.”
Our Governance Experience
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Workforce Disclosures at Quantum Advisors

As the first Indian signatory to the Workforce Disclosure Initiative, WDI, we apply our experience to portfolio companies to make meaningful improvements on workforce practices.
Responsible Employer
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Building your India portfolio since 1990 on a foundation of ethics, integrity & disciplined investment research process.
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