Indian Investors
  • Retail Funds

    Quantum Advisors is the sponsor of Quantum Asset Management Company (QAMC) and Quantum Mutual Fund (QMF) , which offers a range of mutual fund products across equities, fixed income, and gold. QAMC/QMF prides itself on the values of Honesty, Transparency, and Performance. Over the years QAMC/ QMF has pioneered numerous investor-friendly initiatives which have ultimately become industry standard practice as mandated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). QAMC’s/ QMF’s highlights include being:

    • India’s first Direct-to-Investor Mutual Fund (i.e. no Distributors required)
    • India’s first Fund house not to charge entry loads
    • India’s first Fund house to credit exit loads back into the fund
    • India’s first Fund house to allow a completely paperless online investment process

    Further, QAMC conducts free Investor Education and Awareness Programs called Path to Profit, in which Quantum’s Team (Directors, Fund Managers and Sales Team) interacts with audiences to increase investor awareness about the benefits of mutual funds. Through the end of 2016, QAMC had conducted over 180 such programs throughout India, from cities as large as Mumbai (population ~20 million) to cities as small as Anand (population ~633 thousand).

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  • Portfolio Management Services

    Quantum Advisors also offers Portfolio Management Services domestically under a PMS license obtained from SEBI.