As an investment firm, our mandate is to invest the capital of our clients for sensible long term returns without taking undue risks. It has been over 25 years since Quantum Advisors and its founders have included a "governance" factor when investing in companies. This is the "G" in "ESG". In 2015, we started to focus on the other two factors (Environment and Social) and have built a proprietary framework on evaluating Indian companies on various ESG criteria.
As the world catches on to ESG investing, there is the danger of this becoming a fashionable way to extract money from investors by launching products that are aptly labelled to fit the trend but don't achieve the objective.

What makes the journey towards ESG investing even more complicated is the fact that there is no standardized measure of ESG: Like beauty, ESG lies in the eyes of the beholder. This give the asset gatherers the opportunity to "greenwash": to label their funds as ESG and, yet, have some of the most questionable companies in the portfolio.

At Quantum Advisors , we are committing ourselves on two fronts:

  • 1)    To continuously learn about evolving trends - and even lead the charge on some fronts, and
  • 2)    To implement these learnings in our ESG processes to build portfolios for our investors which can generate long term returns while limiting or eliminate the long term risks associated with ignoring ESG.

For now this is a journey - and we hope to reach the destination with your support.